Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Back with the Spidey Trailer

I have to start off by saying Happy New Year’s, 2012, Apocalypto or whatever you may call it. This is my first blog of the New Year and for this I must apologize. I’ve seen a lot of interesting things since my last entry that I wanted to blog about, but between the daily grind that is life and the unpredictability that is my life, it’s been difficult. I’ve also been working on my second novel which has been difficult to say the least. I’m still in the process of establishing the world my characters will inhabit, solidifying my character and all that. My first novel seemed to flow so easy that I thought the writing process would always be that way. WRONG! There’s a big difference between writing about the 1980’s and writing about thirty odd years in the future. Besides that I’m in the process of developing a comic book and between my ADD and Dyslexia I’m all over the place.  

Well that’s enough of that… let’s get down to it. When I saw the first saw the Amazing Spider-Man trailer I wasn’t impressed or interested at all. It was a less than complementary introduction to our new friendly neighborhood wall crawler. I’m mean, Spider-Man is usually known as the wise-cracking hero. The first trailer seemed to portray him as goth, almost metro-sexual tormented weirdo. Though I hadn’t many scenes from the movie, I was already turned off. I hate to shit something before I have a lot of data to go on (who am I kidding, if it looks like a duck…). The thought of Spidey being written as morbid creep, in his origin no doubt, just didn’t sit right with me. It’s like making the hulk in this Avengers movie a stand-up comic, besides being asinine and unsettling; it’s just plain ole unnecessary. I don’t find it necessary to reboot a franchise when its last run was just a decade ago. The 007, much like the Star Trek franchise, I understand them rebooting, it’s been around since the sixties and has had over twenty something movies. I’ve heard the argument that the 2002 Spidey movie fucked up the origin story as far as Sand-Man murdering Uncle Ben’s and Mary Jane being Pete’s first girlfriend was concerned. Well you know what? Marvel shouldn’t have approved the script if that was the case. Are we supposed to believe this origin story will be any different, somehow flawless? FOH! If you wanna change the actor, JUST CHANGE THE FUCKING ACTOR and keep it moving. With that said, this trailer actually makes this movie seem bearable and someone better than the first, but there’s still something Emo about this Peter Parker that doesn’t sit right with me. Enjoy:

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