Thursday, October 2, 2014

DAVID BANNER'S WALKING WITH GODS (click read more to see videos)


Last year when I first saw this, my first reaction was, Oh shit. In the midst of having a shitty 2013/14 I never got around to posting these webisodes. I'm familiar with DB from his rap career and movies roles, but I had no idea he was into sci-fi, much less the metaphysical history of the original man. I was definitely open. The art John Jennings was perfect choice
for project. I must say I wish the episodes were longer. I mean the opening and closing credits take up half of the episode. I get it, when it comes to indie projects  money is a major hurdle and you gotta take what you can get.

I'm surprised that when I checked a year later there are no new episodes. Especially because the first four webisodes were released pretty consistently. I hope he gets a kickstarter popping or something to finish or expand this story. It would be a shame to let something with so much potential fall by the waist-side.

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