Monday, September 29, 2014


    Back in the day, early 90's, I remember playing the most terrifying game I'd ever played (up until that point) in my life. That game was the Alien vs Predator on the extremely short lived Atari Jaguar system...
A friend and a member of the Arctype team, who shall remain nameless, always had every video game system and damn near every game and CD within a week of their release; and still does to this day. Nowadays he gets things before there release. Though retired, in those days he was a master of the five finger discount. That project apartment was a gamer and a stoner's paradise. One day I went over to hang out and he was on his way out but he told I got a new game you might wanna check out. And there I was, in place alone playing Aliens vs Predators in the dark I was fuckin' scared to death. At one point, I remember turning it off because the shit was bugging me out. I'm not going to say weed didn't have something to do with it. Regardless, the fear factor aspect of the game was ahead of its time. especially when looking at its home console contemporaries like Samurai Showdown  or street fighter. One of the best features of the game is the fact that you can play from the perspective of an alien, predator or a space marine.

 After seeing some of the walkthroughs and Youtube Videos I'm hyped to play, Alien Isolation. This game seems to be based on the original film and takes place on the original ship. The main character is supposed to be the daughter of Ripley who goes on a deep space mission to find what has become of her mother. Unfortunately, she finds out. Apparently there's extra content that allows you to play as Ripley, Dallas and Parker from the original crew of the Nostromo. Yes. I get to play a portion of the game as Yaphet Katto.

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