Wednesday, March 19, 2014

THE FLASH: New Images and an Instagram Video of the red and gold blur surface online

    So, in case you missed it yesterday new images of The Flash in costume surfaced online. The Flash series is DC and CW third child in their thirteen year marriage. Grant Gustin dons the red and gold as the fastest man alive. Fans of the Arrow series (their second child) got their first look at The Flash (well as Barry Allen), in S2:E9 titled, The Scientist.
Although Allen hadn't become the Flash yet fans knew instantly we'd see more of Mr. Allen. There was talks of a, Flash Movie to be released in 2016. I'm not sure if the show is a replacement for the series or if fans will get both.  I'm not a fan of the new suit, perhaps it'll grow on me or maybe it'll translate better on film. Decide for yourself. The Flash air later this year. 

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