Monday, November 12, 2012


I guess I'll start with the SAD... 
 The cancellation of Fringe. I've been an avid watcher of Fringe from day one. Last season it was announced, like most good/great sci-fi shows, it was to be cancelled. In typical FOX fashion they changed the schedule to Friday like they do when they're ready to tank a series (Martin, Married with Children and countless other shows). After it was clear the fans weren't going to let it die without a fight and took to Twitter and Facebook, FOX decided to let Fringe have a fifth and final season to wrap everything up. Well it was announced last week (again typical FOX) that the final episode will be mid-season January 18, 2013; it'll aslo be a 2hr series finale on the shows 100th episode.

Now for the HAPPY...

They're team up was legendary, and no I'm not talking about Superman and Batman. For all my comic book heads out there, Keith Giffen and Paul Levitz are returning to Legion of Super Heroes. The last time these two hooked up the launch one of my favorite (if not my favorite) runs in comics. They took a squeaky clean from the50's book and dirtied  it up with grungy/cruddy (meant with the highest level of flattery) art, simple paneling and uniquely grim and sometimes humorous stories. With DC's franchise reboot, The New 52, flopping like flounder on deck and the 52 titles now down to a forty something in a year it's good to see something I might wanna pick up coming down the pike. I know people have been raving about, The Batman titles, Aquaman, Justice League, Animal Man, Bat Wing and Swamp Thing but I haven't found any titles worth committing to; (especially after DC wiped their entire ass with a continuity that millions grew up on and were dedicated to). But I will give this Legion of Super Heroes look-see.

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